Daniella Stein

I’ve been helping children find educational success and happiness since 1998. A graduate of Milken Community Jewish High School, Boston University, and Alliant International, I began helping students at the collegiate level during my senior year in college. But it was not until I helped homeschool my nephew with a severe learning disability that I decided to make this educational field my career. Since then I’ve achieved many personal & professional milestones such as:

  • B.A. Boston University
  • M.A. in School Psychology from AIU
  • Post graduate CSUN’s Speech Therapy program.
  • Behavioral therapist for Autism UCLA’s LOVAAS program
  • Developer of 24-Hour Reading and Study Smart programs
  • Specialist in executive functioning
  • On-site provider for educational therapy for de Toledo students
  • Continuing Education: Member of the Woodland Hills, Ca. Educational Therapy Study Group

When asked why I chose a degree in school psychology, I state that “understanding what the problem is equally crucial as remediating it.” Working full time at both the high school and elementary level as a school psychologist, I performed both psycho-educational assessments and counseling needed for targeted intervention. During my time there, I was able to implement my own reading program to help struggling readers at Erwin Elementary School. It was that opportunity to work with students that also led me into the field of educational therapy and helping students reach their potential.

With my understanding of how students are effected on both the academic and socio-emotional level, I create individualized remedial programs for those with issues such as learning differences, ADD/ADHD and language disorders. I believe that treating students on both of these levels is key in helping students find the motivation to succeed so that they can truly meet their potential.

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