High School

Foster Independence and Strategic Planning: High School

Students who struggle in high school may face a variety of different problems, often dealing with more than one issue at once. Whether your child is dealing with a learning difference, having trouble concentrating, is battling anxiety as the pressure and expectations increase, or hasn’t developed the study skills necessary for high school–level work, the results often look the same: inconsistent or poor grades and lack of motivation.

When students don’t learn good study and organizational skills in middle school, their transition to high school can be rough. With no strategy to their learning, students end up on a roller coaster of achievement, excelling in one class and failing another, because they lack the performance systems to maintain consistent work. To parents, this can look very much like a student who may be labeled “lazy” or “unmotivated.” Unfortunately, increasing academic demands not only leads to poor self esteem, but can lead to strained parent-child relationships.

Daniella Stein helps students with learning differences, as well as struggling students identify the executive functioning and study/organizational issues to help create a targeted intervention for your child. Finding academic success leads to increased motivation and prospective academic success needed both in schooling and in life. Finding success and purpose in their school tasks ultimately creates children that learns to set higher goals for themselves in their education and professional careers. Students who use Daniella are often able to envision how their school experience should go and create a plan to achieve it.

Services Provided
Starting with an Individualized Evaluation

Daniella Stein helps transitioning high schoolers with the executive functioning and study and organizational skills needed to succeed, such as:

Staying Organized With a Planner and Binder system
Learn Effective and Systematic Studying Techniques
Learn Effective Note-Taking Systems that Model the Cornell System
Learn to Maximize their Learning Style
Learning how to fit in – interpersonal interactions, friendship-making behaviors
Using Technology to Study, Collaborate and Be Organized (example: Google Calendar/Drive)
How to Use Graphic Organizers to Organize Information for Projects and Tests

Daniella offers parent and child counseling throughout the year in addition to a one-on-one crash course in August geared towards time management, and study/organizational skills students need to succeed in school and in life. Working with Daniella gives students the tools they need to become motivated and independently driven by becoming systematic and knowledgeable in the process that drives us.

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