Help Them Soar When They Leave the Nest: College

College represents an exciting transition for your student, one they usually face without the benefit of having their parents immediately on hand to help them navigate the world. No wonder that many freshmen flounder when faced with classwork, dorm life, and the myriad new tasks college life brings.

Daniella Stein knows that the first step to figuring out exactly what your student needs to succeed is finding out the root of the problem blocking their academic success and teaching them them tools successful learners use to achieve. Are they having trouble concentrating? Are they anxious? Do they lack the study skills necessary to tackle college-level work? Or could they simply use a crash-course to help them start of college right? With an individual evaluation, she determines what kind of learner your child is to find the best approach to success. In addition, she coaches them either in person or through go to meetings to help them become develop a vision of where they would like to go and the steps it takes to get there. Some say vision is everything..but knowing how to get there is just as important and visa versa. Daniella provides college students with the ability to book their sessions from any location for tracking to make sure that their fist year of college goes smoothly through academic support, coaching, and guidance in helping to make students become strategic and driven as they enter a new stage in their life.

For Students Preparing to Go Off to School

Daniella offers a crash course in August including everything you need to be successful in college, including

The Skills Your Child Needs to Succeed in College:
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Basic note taking

Making sure your student is equipped to handle the personal and academic demands of a college environment is an investment that will pay off in higher self-confidence, improved academic performance, and a more comfortable transition to independence.

Services Provided
Working 1-on-1 With Each Client

Daniella equips each student with the skills and tools they need to succeed in college. Topics covered include:

Basic Study and Organizational Skills
Time Management, Note-taking Skills, Study guides, and Study Techniques
Improved Memory Retention Techniques and Textbook Skills using SQ3R and Speed Reading Techniques
Writing at a College Level

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