Elementary/Middle School Students

Build the Essential Foundation for Academic Success: Elementary/Middle School

When students head to middle school, neither they nor their parents may fully understand the challenges they’ll face as they transition to a higher level of schooling. Unlike elementary school, students are expected to interact with multiple teachers and know how to prepare and study for individual subjects with less tracking, guidance, and support. Unfortunately for students with disabilities, it’s even more common for students to stumble academically as they learn to deal with:

  • Having multiple teachers, each with different expectations from students
  • Increased class size with less chance for teacher support
  • Increased complexity in projects, schoolwork and overall work-load
  • Being expected to manage their time and work independently, instead of having everything micro-managed,
    monitored, and broken down into manageable pieces
Frustrated parents don't always understand why their kids struggle and don't seem to "get it," and they don't always know the best way to help them learn to be more efficient and productive learners.

The resulting friction in the parent-child relationship can exacerbate the low self-esteem struggling students develop when they fail to make a smooth transition and succeed at the next level of education. Waiting for intervention only widens the gap as students move through each grade without getting the right kind of help to make learning more easy, more fruitful, and more enjoyable.

The skills your child needs to succeed in middle school:
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Study Skills
  • Self Advocacy

The good news is that these skills can be taught, and learning them now will set your child up for the educational and professional success. Give them the tools they need to be independent and motivated to succeed in life.

Services Provided
Daniella Stein individually evaluates students to determine what kind of learner they are and the optimal approach to enlist their strengths to create motivated and more successful students.

She helps students develop the solid foundation of basic organizational skills, study techniques, and communications skills they need to succeed in school by covering topics such as:

How to effectively use a planner
How to break down large tasks into manageable steps using SMART goals
How to use a binder system and Google drive
How to take notes using Cornell system
How to self advocate and collaborate with teachers and peers for support
How to read a textbook using SQ3R method
How to use mnemonics to improve memory retention
How to be a strategic learner
How to study for each subject
How to write at the middle-school level

The transition to middle school does not need to be a tedious and often discouraging process of learning that can negatively impact a child’s motivation to learn. Daniella’s systematic and therapeutic techniques can help your child navigate the process with confidence.

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