Educational Therapy

Educational therapy is designed to help students acquire the foundational skills they need to learn effectively. Unlike tutoring, which addresses gaps in knowledge in specific subject areas, educational therapy addresses the way individuals process information and teaches them techniques and strategies applicable to any learning situation. Daniella Stein uses a combination of client provided psycho-educational reports, her own informal assessments and parent interviews to help create individual educational therapy goals designed to enlist a student’s strengths and remediate their weaknesses.

Educational therapy

Educational therapy is particularly helpful for students with learning differences, attentional problems, those suffering from poor self-esteem, low motivation, and inconsistent academic performance due to previous academic struggles.

Executive Functioning Training

Executive functioning is the set of mental skills used to manage yourself and your resources to meet a goal. Those who have weak executive functioning may have trouble getting started with projects, breaking down tasks into manageable steps, planning ahead, staying organized, and setting goals—all of which are important skills to master for success in school or life.

While anybody can struggle with these issues, they are often associated with those who have learning differences, ADD/ADHD and autism spectrum disorders. Using client provided evaluations and her own informal assessment, Daniella Stein helps determine whether the primary cause is concentration, anxiety, motivation, or poor study skills that is impacting a student’s academic performance and to determine the areas of executive functioning skills that are most need of development to help create a thorough and targeted plan.  Her clients develop their executive functioning using a 2 part series of workbooks designed to help develop areas such as self talk, goal setting, time management, and self monitoring.

Educational therapy

Motivational and Social Coaching

Motivation is the reason for acting and behaving in a particular way. Parents who might label their child “lazy” are often missing the signs of poor motivation.

Students who are unmotivated often fail to see a purpose in attending school either because they lack goals (or goal-setting behaviors) or the tools to be able to achieve. For students in middle and high school, this may lead to avoidant behaviors.  For those in college, this may lead to “floating” and missed opportunities. The overall effect is low self esteem, poor parent-child relationships, poor academic performance and underachievement.

Students who use academic coaching can benefit from R.O.P.E.S in order to increase motivation.  Students learn how to create goals, learn the steps to achieve them, and learn how to adjust their actions based on desired outcomes.

Educational therapy

Social Skills are an important part of life success. Daniella’s Social Thinking Program helps her clients break down the hidden rules of social interaction to help those with poor social skills or those who are on the Autism Spectrum learn more appropriate social skills.

Organization and Time Management

Organization and time management are critical skills that should be learned from an early age. Constantly playing “catch-up” or losing track of responsibilities are signs that this area could use improvement. Even young students benefit from knowing how to prioritize their tasks, effectively plan use of their time, and make schedules.

For adults, career success is rarely possible without these abilities. Daniella Stein determines her clients’ strengths and weaknesses to tailor strategies individualized for their needs, including how to break down and schedule tasks to meet deadlines, how to set up systems to stay organized, and how to enlist technology to stay on track.

Educational therapy

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